Ufuatiliaji na Tathimini ya Uwezeshaji

Monitoring Learning and Evaluation

NEEC is responsible for monitoring, evaluation and reporting on economic empowerment trends in Tanzania mainland. It fulfils this function through its Monitoring and Evaluation Unit which is responsible for development of effective mechanisms for tracking progress of the ongoing economic empowerment initiatives in the country. The M&E function is effected through collection, analysis and interpretation of necessary data that guides decision making by policy makers.

NEEC M & E system is robust allowing participation of different stakeholders in monitoring and reporting on economic empowerment progress. The system facilitates NEEC to track the implementation of NEEC strategic plan and make corrective measures where necessary. It also facilitates monitoring, learning and evaluation of the NMSFEE which guides implementation of economic empowerment initiatives by different actors including public institutions, NGOs, private sector and development partners.

The monitoring is done day to day and involves regular data collection, processing, analysis and reporting of the findings to NEEC management and relevant stakeholders and partners. Monitoring helps in comparing planned targets against achievements. Lessons are also drawn during the monitoring process while other lessons are drawn during evaluations.

On the other hand, evaluation involves systematic and comprehensive assessment of the performance and impact of the NEEP in the country and contribution of different actors towards the same. The objective of the evaluation is to draw lessons from experiences gained during the implementation of NEEC strategic plan and convey them to NEEC management and the policy at large. Evaluation is done in a participatory manner facilitating EE stakeholders and partners to participate in the whole process. Both internal and external evaluations are undertaken at specified periods normally in five years interval.

The objectives of evaluation for NEEP and NEEC NEEC Strategic Plan are:

  1. To assess whether the targets set in the NEEC Strategic Plan and the Policy are realistic;
  2. To assess whether the implementation of the NEEC Strategic Plan and NEEP achieve the intended results;
  3. To assess whether adequate resources (manpower and finance) are being mobilized to implement the Strategic Plan and the Policy;
  4. To assess the efficiency and effectiveness of NEEC in utilizing the available resources
  5. To assess the factors contribution to success and reasons failures in implementation of NEEP and NEEC Strategic Plan;
  6. To assess the impact of NEEP into the lives of Tanzanian women, men, youth; and People with Disability (PWDs)


Progress reports are prepared and shared to stakeholders on quarterly and annual basis and whenever the needs arise. Annual implementation reports for the Policy are also prepared and shared to a wider stakeholder’s audience on annual basis after approval by the Council.

NEEC would like to urge all actors in economic empowerment issues in Tanzania mainland to prepare and share their progress reports with the Council on quarterly and annual basis in order to facilitate the Government and other stakeholders to understand the extent of implementation of the policy, implementation challenges, success stories as draw learning.

NEEC is taking this opportunity to invite all key players in research as it has been explained above to visit our office for further explanation. For further information you may contact our email address neec@uwezeshaji.go.tz.