Uendelezaji wa Ujasiriamali

One of the strategic objectives of NEEC is to coordinate and promote entrepreneurship training, business networks and partnerships. Entrepreneurship training is necessary to enhance a scientific outlook and overcome inhibitive culture and traditions and to mould Tanzanians who are self confident, innovative and who strongly desire to conduct business efficiently and effectively. Thus NEEC in collaboration with various stakeholders initiates and/or coordinates various workshops and seminars on this subject for different clusters of citizens including new undergraduates through a program entitled “Young Graduates Entrepreneurship Clinic (YGEC).” NEEC also acts as a source of information for quality products and market sources via a section on Market Information. NEEC has particularly promoted and worked with the woodworks/carpentry cluster which has been enabled to setup a country umbrella organization called TAWOFE for the purpose of penetrating the mainstream local markets. NEEC in collaboration with Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE) and other stakeholders developed the National Entrepreneurship Training Framework (NETF) whose purpose is to bring harmony and standards in the entrepreneurship education and skills provided at different stages of education across the nation. In collaboration with TPSF and COSTECH, NEEC championed the establishment of Tanzania Entrepreneurship Competitiveness Central (TECC) as provided for in the National Economic Empowerment Policy of 2004 under part 5.0(d). The overall purpose of TECC is to promote innovation and competitiveness through facilitating skills development and strategic partnerships. TECC will further promote public private partnership, trigger value chains at micro, meso and macro levels, and build on the successful and innovative training approaches tested under TPSF.

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