Kuratibu Ushiriki wa Watanzania Katika Uwekezaji

Local Content can be defined as value added to the economy of the country through ownership and substantial participation in employment; procurement; technology transfer and skills development from FDIs, international contracts and large domestic investments.

The National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC) has the mandate to coordinate, facilitate and monitor economic empowerment activities including Local Content initiatives.

The Local Content Department has the following functions:

  • To coordinate Local Content initiatives in various economic sectors
  • To develop Strategies and Guidelines for Local Content implementation in various sectors of the economy
  • To facilitate in collaboration with other stakeholders capacity building of Local Companies, SME’s and Workforce
  • To work in collaboration with various stakeholders to conduct studies relating to Local Content in Tanzania
  • To monitor Local Content implementation in Investments and Strategic projects implemented in various sectors
  • To facilitate training of Local Content to various stakeholders
  • To coordinate meetings of stakeholders to deliberate on Local Content implementation

Current Achievements:

  • Presence of Local Content Coordinators in various Ministries and Government Institutions currently there are 55
  • Facilitated Local Content training to Local Content Coordinators and NEEC Staff
  • Incorporation of Local Content Policies, Laws and Regulations in various sectors e.g. The National Energy Policy 2015, Petroleum Act of 2015, Petroleum (Local Content) Regulations of 2017, Mining Act of 2010 ( as amended 2017) and Mining (Local Content) Regulation 2018
  • Created awareness to various stakeholders through Forums and Workshops on Local Content and Opportunities available in Large Investment projects undertaken within the country
  • Conducted Local Content Situational Analysis in the Extractive, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Construction sectors